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From violin, viola, cello, bass to guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele, Bayberry Music provides comprehensive repair on all stringed instruments at competitive prices and highest quality.

* Free estimates
* Beginner to professional level set ups
* Restoration of vintage instruments
* Bow repair and rehair
* Bridge replacement
* Neck reset
* Sound post and tonal adjustments
* Fingerboard planning and fret work
* Pegs installation
* and much more ......


bow repair

This violin bow tip was repaired using a spline of matching wood to reinforce the repair.

violin repair

A typical violin set up. This old Amati violin was brought back into playing condition.

See step-by-step illustration.

guitar bridge repair

Replacing this old plastic Gibson bridge with a rosewood one gave this guitar fantastic tone. The new bridge was custom made from scratch to perfectly fit this all mahogany guitar.

See step-by-step illustration.

guitar neck reset

We offer full neck reset services in shop.  Here is typical example of a dovetail guitar neck reset.

See step-by-step illustration.

bass setup

We do full set-ups on all violin family instruments, including the double bass, using the finest materials and tuned to give you the tone you want without sacrificing playability or longevity.

See step-by-step illustration.

kay bass repair

This is a typical bass repair.  In this case the Kay bass needed a new end block and some rib reconstruction.

See step-by-step illustration.

Ukulele restoration

This Gretsch ukulele restoration includes neck reset and gluing up the cracks.

See step-by-step illustration.

mandolin restoration
  This Vintage bowl back mandolin was meticulously restored to its previous glory.
violin restoration  

A vintage violin restoration.

See step-by-step illustration.


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