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  • Gibson Blues King Electro guitar repair

    This beauty has recently come to the shop for some crack repairs. The owner had a tragic strap malfunction and the guitar fell and landed squarely on the binding of the lower bout. In this photo you can clearly see the rib crack. It runs from the output jacks...
  • Martin Backpacker repair

    This little guitar has seen some trauma. Unfortunately a well-meaning roommate has done more harm than good trying to fix it. Let's see if I can do a better job. Going in order from easy to ugly, this is what need fixing. First is a simple top crack at...
  • Guild neck reset

    This guitar was brought to me because the action was too high and it was hard to play. Here you can see how high the strings are at the 12th fret. This photo shows the neck projection onto the bridge. You can see here that the neck has rotated...

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