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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • Wilhelm Duerer Violin Repair

    This cool old fiddle is being fixed up for a very lucky guy for Christmas. The first step is to glue up all the cracks and open seams.   The next step is planing the fingerboard. For this I like to use my block plane with specially ground iron...
  • Gretsch ukulele restoration

    This old Gretsch has seen better days. I'm told the grandchildren liked to use it as a hammer, but now it's in to be restored. Just a few quick photos to show you what I'm up against. Yup, neck needs to be reset. The back is just riddled with...
  • 1955 Kay bass repair

    This old Kay had a bad spill. It was dropped on it's endpin and now the lower ribs and block are badly cracked. Let's see if we can get it jamming again for the holidays. This is what we have to fix. The back is loose, the ribs are...

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