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Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • Guild neck reset

    This guitar was brought to me because the action was too high and it was hard to play. Here you can see how high the strings are at the 12th fret. This photo shows the neck projection onto the bridge. You can see here that the neck has rotated...
  • Benjamin's Vivi Tone Mandolin

    What a cool old mando! This is a Vi Vi Tone out of Kalamazoo MI made in the 1930's by the legendary Lloyd Loar. This mando is in for a new adjustable bridge. More info on Vi Vi tone can be found at this link First, some eye...
  • Angie's Ol' Amati

    It may not be a real Amati, but we are going to treat as one. This fiddle is in for full set up and a french polish. In this photo I have just begun planing the fingerboard. The fingerboard has been re-surfaced with a hand plane, sanded, polished and...

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